Everyone passes through teenage. It is a different experience for young boys and girls. There is ahuge rush of sexual hormones going inside thebody. 

 Both boys and girls are keen to know what is happening in their body. Almost all boys want to know how to foreplay and have sexual pleasure. The best source for theexcitement they think is porn movies.  

 Most of the boys see porn movies and are sexually aroused through visual stimulation. Watching porn often leads to erectile dysfunction. Such men find their girlfriend less interesting. Addiction to porn makes men unable to perform in bed. Watching porn movies desensitizes men in early 20's or late teens making them unable to perform in bed. Now these days smartphone, laptops, 3G, 4G has made porn easily accessible. People had anerectile problem due to old age or due to adisease condition such as diabetes, hypertension etc. Now these days this problem is much more seen in ayounger generation and the main cause is improper techniques of masturbation and watching porn often. Porn has disturbed the minds of most of the men. These things are available online free of cost so many people enjoy watching these films but they do not know that watching it regularly may hinder their sexual performance in bed. You can find a solution to your erection problem by using Levitra


Levitra has a key component as Vardenafil that comes in the class of PDE5 inhibitor. Levitra works by interrupting the action of PDE5 and elevates the amount of cGMP in penile muscles. Good amount of cGMP causes vasodilation of penile muscles that brings about heavy blood flow to penile causing erection. 


The initial dose for erectile dysfunction is 10 mg through oral route before 45 min of physical intercourse. The dose can be raised to 20 mg. You should consume one pill in a day. Sexual stimulation is required for effective functioning. You can have it with or without meals.  


  • Never take nitrate drugs when you are also consuming Vardenafil.
  • Stop consuming Levitra if you observe vision loss.
  • Painful erection and erection for alonger time may cause penile tissue damage.
  • Do not use if you are hypersensitive to this drug.
  • Let your doctor know about your medical condition such as seizure, heart attack, stroke, bleeding disorder, vision loss, and deformity of penile or low/high blood pressure.
  • Grapefruit juice and alcoholic beverages may result in unwanted side effects.
  • Restrict its use in cardiac patients.
  • If you are already taking any other ED medicine then stop consuming Levitra.
  • Not prescribed for patients who are below 18 years.
  • Stop consumption of fatty foods. 


Some serious after effects that may rise due to intake of Levitra are:

  • Allergic reaction (swelling of face/mouth, hives, difficult breathing)
  • Irregular heartbeat, vision changes
  • Shortness of breath, painful erection
  • Seizure, flushing, headache
  • Stuffy nose, dizziness, light-headed feeling
  • Stomach upset, back pain 


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