Lust is thought as an evil but actually, it is not. Every man and woman want to have physical pleasure in his or her life. After all we cannot control our hormones. When two young teens fall in love they think of taking their relationship to next level and it is only possible with sexual intimacy. Sexual intimacy makes your relationship stronger and firm. Sexual intimacy increases the degree of love in your life. It is the private part of your life and nobody discusses it. Sometimes people fall in trouble due to lack of erection.

We all do experiment with our life; first, we do with love than with marriage. How will you have sexual pleasure depends on you? Everyone experiments with his or her sexual life to have fun. An interruption in your sexual life will create troubles to your relationship. We have always seen that women are mostly criticized for being barren. Without knowing the cause, she is the only who is finger pointed in impotency cases. Although maybe the problem is due to lack of erection in males, but he still keep on hiding his condition and suffers. In that tough situation, he could not realize how hard it is for her female counterpart. Keeping a woman ungratified can create rifts in a relationship. Man's impotency is considered as a failure of his manhood. You can find the best solution with Vilitra for uprooting erection dysfunction from your life.

If you are annoyed of your poor performance in bed, have a single pill before sexual intimacy and get the sexual power back in your life. If you want a child and could not accomplish your dreams, only because of your erection problem, start using Vilitraand fill your family with new one.    


Vilitra has prime component as Vardenafilthat works by interrupting the action of PDE5. PDE5 ceases the number of cGMP in penile tissue and so lessens blood flow to penile. With Vilitra, there is a rise in the amount of cGMP that causes vasodilatation of penile muscles and elevates blood flow that ultimately leads to an erection. Vilitra works only with sexual stimulation.



Vilitra tablet is commercially available in different strengths of 20mg, 40mg and 60mg. The startup dose of Vilitra is 10 mg orally, one time per day before 45-60 min when you go for having sexual intercourse. The dose can be hiked depending on severity of erectile dysfunction. Having it with meals or not does matter much. Do not double the dose by yourself. Skipping a dose will not trigger your erection.


  • Vilitra has the property of causing dizziness so be careful before you indulge in harsh activities.
  • Stop using in cardiac patients.
  • It is important to let your doctor know about the medical condition of patients such as allergies, deformed penile, pregnancy, painful erection, eye problem, liver/kidney problem, a bleeding problem, stroke or seizures etc.
  • Cease intake of fatty foods along with medicine.
  • Take it cautiously in elder patients.
  • Do not take any other ED medication when you are taking Vilitra.


Serious after-effects you may observe with Vilitra areas:

  • Flushing, dizziness
  • Heartburn, headache
  • Pain during erection, irregular heartbeat
  • Swelling of face/mouth, severe back or muscle pain
  • Sudden vision or hearing loss


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