Some are blessed with long, thick and dark eyelashes whereas some are not. Need not worry for this; as we put forth a very effective medicine in the form of Careprost eye drop that will give you a new look.


In addition to increasing the beauty of eyelashes, it is also in demand for treating glaucoma. This is an eye problem where pressure inside eyes get increased so much that it sometimes can even damage your optic nerve and can cause loss of vision. Buy Careprost eye drop today and avail the benefits from this right from now onwards and enhance your overall personality.

How to use Careprost eye drop to treat hypotrichosis?

Careprost eye drop is available in the form of ophthalmic solution in a bottle. Shake the bottle before you use it. Following are some of the easy and simple steps involved in using Careprost eye drop:


  • Before you start using the eye drop, wash your hands properly and remove your eye make-up properly
  • In case you are using contact lens,  remove the lenses gently and keep it aside when you are about to put eye drop
  • Using sterile applicator provided, put one drop of medicine on the brush and draw a thin line along with the upper eyelashes. Do not use this for lower eyelid
  • Blot dry excess solution, if seen, using clean tissue paper
  • Repeat the same procedure for other eyes.
  • Apply Careprost eye drop for 12-13 weeks to get a desired result


For treating glaucoma, put one drop of the medicine at night for 3 weeks to get the problem rectified.


Practical things and precautions to be taken when using Careprost eye drop:

  • Careprost eye drop contains Bimatoprost eye drop as active constituent that plays an active role in delivering the result. However, if you are allergic to this, avoid using it
  • Do not touch the tip of the dropper when applying the eye drop as it increases the chances of contamination
  • Use a fresh applicator everytime you want to use the eye drop
  • Do not drive vehicle soon after applying Careprost eye drop as it might makes you feel dizziness


From where can I get Careprost eye drop?

Buy Careprost bimatoprost eye drop from online drug store at a reasonable price.