Muscular pain is a widespread disorder, which affects the normal day to day activities of a normal individual by producing stress, discomfort, and uneasiness. Muscle pain can be developed due to various reasons like overuse of the muscle, muscle damage, overexertion, accidents, trauma, any kind of illness, mental stress, etc.


Due to muscular pain, people might get worried and are unable to perform personal and professional work in their life. In the case of chronic or throbbing muscular pain, people started net surfing and they found Soma. After proper intake of Soma, they get positive relief and become active in their daily work.


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Soma contains generic Carisoprodol as a main pharmaceutical ingredient, which belongs to the class of muscle relaxant. Generic Carisoprodol works by blocking the pain transmission, which sends from the site of injury to the brain. It also relaxes your muscles of the whole body and provides calming sleep.


Other benefits of using Soma are to manage back pain, shoulder pain, knee pain, joint pain and body pain.

Is Soma is an FDA approved drug?

Yes, without any doubt we can say that Soma is an FDA approved drug and it gains lots of thanks and appreciation from the pain sufferers.


Can Soma cause drug addiction?

Yes, Soma is a habit-forming medication. Excess and long-term intake of Soma may cause drug dependence. It's better to take Soma only for 2to 3 weeks.


Take Soma in a prescribed manner-

The available doses of Soma are 350mg and 500mg. It is available in tablet formulation. Swallow the whole tablet with a glassful of water. It should be always administered with proper food and the maximum prescribed dose is 1400mg within a whole day. Soma medicine should be always administered with proper rest and physical exercise.

  • Soma 350mg- Three times a day
  • Soma 500mg- Two times a day


Expert advise while using Soma-

  • If you are allergic to generic Carisoprodol then avoid the use of Soma. 
  • If you are suffering from kidney, liver, cardiac or stomach problem then don't take Soma.
  • Use of alcohol with generic Carisoprodol may cause severe adverse effects.
  • Breastfeeding and pregnant females should strictly avoid the intake of Soma.
  • Soma is not advised in the case of children under the age of 12 years.
  • While administering Soma, you should strictly avoid the intake of benzodiazepines, narcotic and opioid analgesic drugs as these may produce severe drowsiness.


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